'The Long Walk'

Woodland Walks

We have opened some woodland walks to the west of the gardens. These are part of the new arboretum, which opened in 2006, and there a lot of young trees and shrubs grown from seed collected on expeditions, particularly to China. They will all be labelled in time, but they give a flavour of what the arboretum will be like. Even if you are not interested in plants, they are a lovely place to wander quietly in and enjoy the peace, the birds and the wild flowers.

For the energetic, the Long Walk, which follows Howick Burn all the way down to the sea for about 1½ miles, is another adventure; it is a long valley and part of the new arboretum. It has been mapped and the plants will be labelled. Quite a few new paths and footbridges have been made.

The Arboretum covers about 65 acres of woodland walks with over 11,000 trees and shrubs planted from 1988, mostly labelled. The East Arboretum is not suitable for wheelchairs.