Children from Howick Estate Test the Family Explorer Challenge

Damsel Flies

Little Grebe

Swan Family on Howick Pond

The Family Explorer Challenge

Seasonal Nature Trails which wander through the arboretum & woodland walks and pose a number of questions about wildlife and nature before bringing you back into the garden.

If you are lucky, you will see some wildlife - look out for red squirrels, heron, swans and ducks and many different species of birds.

 Wildlife on Howick Pond.  The herons have gone and summer has taken over the pond with attractive spreads of yellow water lily and amphibious bistort.  From the nearby seat the blue damsel flies can be seen zooming across the pond close to water level, resting occasionally on the vegetation.  The mute swans are masters but have lost their young and so no cygnets this year.  There are at least two families of both moorhen and little grebe.  The moorhen are so funny skittling across the lily pads whilst the grebe suddenly dive and come up with minnows.  Despite having young, both grebe and moorhen seem to be sitting on nests.